GET TV Upstairs

I see a lot of questions from people who want to know how to connect their Sky Digibox, Freeview box, VCR, DVD so they can watch and control the channels from other rooms. There are countless ways to achieve this so I’ll concentrate on just one suggestion here.
connecting, sky digibox, freeview, vcr, tvlink, amplifier The sketch shows a typical installation with a Freeview box, VCR and Sky Digibox, downstairs. (If you don’t have a Freeview box, that’s OK. Just ignore it and connect the aerial to your VCR. But remember that analogue terrestrial programmes will cease transmitting soon).
The Sky Digibox has its usual connection from the dish and is linked to the main TV set via Scart (or from RF output 1 if you prefer). The Sky box is also linked to the VCR via an RF lead (and a Scart lead for better quality pictures and sound).

The Sky Digibox RF Output 2 goes upstairs to a distribuition amplifier which is compatible with the tvLINK remote extender system. Note that I have also interposed a “tvLINK-Plus” so that remote control signals from the bedroom can control the Freeview box and VCR as well as the Sky box.

Where to buy? I order all my stuff from because they give good technical advice (which I really needed when I first began to look at this) but it’s up to you.

Need more information? Please take a look at sites like where you’ll find lots of information. If you are really stuck, put your question in the digitalspy forum. Be sure to include a link back to this page so people know what you are referring to.

Success? I love to hear success stories. If you succeeded in installing your own TV distribution system, please contact me. I’d love to see a sketch and have permission to put it here so it helps other people to “pipe TV around the house”!



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