Secret Codes

Installers Menu

Press [services] 401 [select]

Or, if you have the new HD EPG

Press [services] 001 [select]

Note that nothing happens on-screen till you press [select] so do it quickly!

Checking signal strength and quality

Press [services] 4 6 to see the default transponder readings.

To see the readings for any other transponder, select “Manual Tuning” in the Installers Menu (see above) and enter the parameters for the relevant transponder (which you can get from

Software Download

This occurs automatically, provided that your Digibox is connected to a correctly aligned dish and to a 230v power source, but you can force it if necessary. (DON’T try to force a software download unless you are getting a good signal indication – this can cause permanent memory corruption in some circumstances).

  • Switch off Digibox at the wall socket.
  • Hold “Backup” button on front panel.
  • Switch ON Digibox at the wall socket.
  • Wait till all LEDs light up.
  • Release “Backup” button on front panel.
  • Wait 15 minutes until Digibox goes into standby.

TV Remote Control Codes

Presumably you’ve tried all the other sites that list the codes and ended up here. Well I don’t bother to list them because you can get them directly through the menu system on your Sky Digibox.

Press [Interactive]
Select “Sky Customer Services” [5]
Select “Technical Assistance”

If you can’t find a code that operates the basic functions on your TV set, that’s because your TV set is too old or too new. If it’s too old, try getting hold of a very early revision Sky remote. If it’s new, make sure you have the latest revision Sky remote (look inside the battery compartment). At present (Nov. 2006) the latest Sky remote is Rev8 and Sky+ is still (I think) Rev6.

If the TV is too new then obviously the codes won’t be in the Sky remote because the designer isn’t clairvoyant. Of course, there IS a possibility that your TV is a “rebadged” version of something else or that it uses a set of codes from an earlier model. In that case ONE of the available code selections (for a different make/model) might work.

Otherwise, your best bet is to buy a “learning remote” and “teach it” the codes from your TV and your Sky Digibox.

I’m sure that Sky are keeping up perfectly well by adding new codes to their database as the LCD TV manufacturers inform them. Every two years or so, Sky bring out a new revision of the remote which includes newer TV models and drops some older TV models. At that point, if you buy the latest revision remote, it shouldn’t be more than a few months out of date (provided your TV manufacturer bothered to give Sky his codes).

Obviously the best solution is to insist that the retailer shows you a Sky remote working the TV before you buy it. Or, if buying online, get a written guarantee that the latest revision Sky remote will work the TV.

Q. So, do I deduce from this that every time a Sky customer buys a TV that is new on the market, a new remote will also have to be purchased if that TV is to be operated by the Sky remote?

A. Well, if the TV itself comes with a new remote that uses different codes from all previous models, that’s a fairly safe assumption. Sky doesn’t employ clairvoyant designers so it relies on TV manufacturers to let it know if a new model requires new codes. These can then be incorporated into the design of the next Sky remote, which could be up to two years away. If the latest Rev. remote contains codes for your TV, you should consider it fortuitous.

£19 is not a high price to pay – bearing in mind that the alternative would be a “learning” remote at twice the price.

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